Step by Step Dyslexia Solutions Presents:


Let's Instill Patriotism and Business Math Skills in our MS and HS Children!

Flags will be delivered on the following holidays:

Martin Luther King Day 01/13-15 2024
Presidents’ Day 02/17-19 2024
Memorial Day 05/25-27 2024
Flag Day 06/14 2024
Independence Day 07/01-04 2024
Election Day (optional) 11/04-07 2024

Labor Day 09/02-4 2024

Patriots’ Day 09/09-11 2024

Veterans’ Day 11/-09-11/11/2024

The cost of each flag subscription is $50. One subscription includes a flag placed at your residence on all the holidays listed above.



Dr. Marianne and “Flag Distribution by Junior Patriots” program is Endorsed by
Judy Nelson, Former Mayor, City of Glendora

Dave Truax, Former Mayor, City of Covina

or Call 626-6664-9392

Flag Distribution by Junior Patriots is designed to build patriotism and business math skills in our middle and high school students. By providing a tax-deductible contribution, we will be able to reach a larger portion of Glendorans with flags and Junior Patriot participation.


About Dr. Marianne Cintron: Educator for 26 years, her Doctorate is in Education Leadership and Administration. She is the Founder and President of Step-By-Step Dyslexia Solutions in their fifth year, Professor at Promise Christian University, former Adjunct Professor at APU.

Dr. Marianne is married to Will Cintron for 34 years with adult kids. They’ve been Glendorans for over 20 years. Dr. Marianne used to teach at Goddard MS in 2001-2002. Their 3 children attended Glendora schools, and Richard and Laura graduated from GUSD. Randy graduated from Burbank High. Marianne and Will have one granddaughter.



Awaken the Brilliant Minds of Dyslexic Children Worldwide!

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We invite you to be a part of something truly transformative for our community and its future. Our nonprofit is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of dyslexic students right here in the USA and Canada, and we need your help to reach even greater heights.

**Our Purpose**

With your generous tax-deductible contribution, we'll be able to extend our impact to more Americans than ever before. Our goal is to raise awareness and understanding about dyslexia across a broader spectrum around the globe. By reaching out to those who might not yet be familiar with dyslexia, as well as those who support dyslexic individuals, and adults themselves who face these challenges, we're creating a united front of support.

**Why Your Support Matters**

Your donation will enable us to launch a targeted advertising campaign that can directly reach those who need assistance. By expanding our reach, we can offer crucial help to those who might otherwise struggle in silence. Your contribution will be the beacon of hope that guides dyslexic students towards a brighter future. Visit us on Social Media.

**Our Mission**

Our mission is clear: to empower dyslexic students to develop their literacy skills and unleash their full potential as contributors to their communities. Every donation directly fuels our efforts to provide top-notch training to teachers, equipping them with the tools to guide these students towards success.

**Our Vision**

Imagine a world where every dyslexic student is given the chance to thrive. With your support, we're working towards that vision. By providing affordable teacher training alternatives, scholarships, and empowering schools to make a positive change, we're taking tangible steps towards a more inclusive and enriched community.

**How You Can Help**

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Thank you for believing in the potential of dyslexic students and for your commitment to making a lasting impact. We can't wait to see the positive change we'll create together.

With gratitude,

Dr. Marianne Cintron